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Jan Marini

I use various skin care products as appropriate for each individual's specific needs, but most of my work is centered around Jan Marini. More than 4,000 physicians and thousands of licensed skin care professionals depend on Jan Marini Skin Research products to provide them with proven medically based skin care treatments and solutions. International distribution of her products reaches over 80 countries from Canada, the UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, South America, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

The medical community acclaims Jan Marini's research into skin aging, acne, discoloration and many other common skin conditions. Their strategic relationships with many of the world's leading physicians and research scientists has enabled them to present cutting edge preparations and treatments that dramatically improve the skin's appearance. Years before the technology was ever available to the mass market, Jan Marini pioneered the use of glycolic acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) in skin care. Jan Marini was also the first to market a stable topical Vitamin C technology, available through physicians and skin care professionals.

Jan Marini