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Online reviews seem to appear and disappear randomly, but here are a few of the kind things people have had to say about me and my work:

This review is for Suzi. She is by far, the best Aesthetician I have been to. She is very knowledgeable, professional and very thorough with her work. She takes really good care of you when you are there.

The process was pleasing and relaxing. Expect leaving the place with skin that glows and rejuvenating. You will get your money's worth with her service. I highly recommend her because you will not be disappointed.

~Tiffany T.


Fabulous and affordable! Suzi is passionate about skin care and so, too, will you be after one visit and visible results! I've been getting facials for 20+ years and Suzi is by far the best!  She is a licensed professional who is thoroughly versed in sound esthetics & skincare practices who employs the latest techniques.  Her reputation is solid gold among her clients and the secret to her success. My skin is clear, clean, moisturized, and sun-protected. I no longer wear make-up! Strangers compliment me on my skin and my friends are now her regular clients, too. She offers a full menu of skincare services and her new salon is so refreshing & relaxing!

Thank you Suzi, your faithful client Deborah.

~Debra F.

Suzi is by far the best at giving facials and waxing. She makes me feel comfortable, and her place is so relaxing. I love the way that she takes the time to explain to me how I can better take care of my skin. Waxing can be scary.  You need to feel comfortable with the person who is waxing you.  When you book your appointment she tells you what you can do to be better prepared for your appointment.  Suzi is always on time for appointments and is great about suggesting product that will be beneficial for your individual skin type. Her new location in Los Gatos in convenient. I highly recommend Suzi for any of your skin needs, schedule an appointment with her and check out her new beach theme!

~Nicole S.


Location was minutes from my place and in a convenient location in Los Gatos.

Considering myself a connoisseur of spa treatments since I go atleast once a week for facials/mani-pedi/massages etc, I am usually very critical of who does work on me. And No, I am not gay.

Suzi did not dissappoint and she spent meticulous time massaging, exfoliating, and rejuvenating my face and back. She pays attention to detail and precision and it was a very pleasant experience.

I even fell asleep a couple times (that is usually an indicator of good work being done on me), but she kept at it.

I will be back for more and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work with a friendly, experienced, and detail oriented aesthetician.

~Kyle Y.


Suzi is the best waxer out there, she booked me last minute (which hardly nobody does). She was very pleasant to be around, made me feel very comfortable after switching estheticians. I will definetely be visiting her at her new salon. The experience was moderately painful, she did apply numb it (by request only) but she was very quick and efficient in getting everything off perfectly. No strays at all! I felt very comfortable, she made small talk with me to try to get my mind off the pain.

I will definetely be going back to Suzi. Oh plus, she gave me $10 off for using an ad from craigslist ;). Oh and if you refer a friend and they spend $100+ you get half that amount off your next visit. Sweet right?!



Suzi ROCKS! She is the best waxer in the west. I've referred several people to Suzi for waxing services and everyone is a two-thumbs up for her. Suzi is fun to be around, professional, and a fast and efficient waxing Goddess. I've been seeing her for years and will follow her wherever she goes if I can. Yay Suzi!

~Sage D.


This review is for Suzi.  I went to Suzi a week ago for a European facial and had a positive experience.  My friend recommended her and I was glad I tried it.  Suzi was able to point my what kind of problems my skin had and she was very thorough with everything. Also she definately knew what she was doing and would explain what she was doing and what kind of products she used.  Will be back again for my next facial.

~Sonia H.


We love Suzi! She is so dedicated and really has a passion for what she does. You leave feeling so relaxed and special. Everyone should experience this level of service. Thanks Suzi!

~Lisa J.


Suzi is professional and sweet! She makes you feel comfortable and her new location is relaxing. She takes her time with you and is always accommodating. I have been going to her for a while and will continue to go and will continue to recommend her services.

~Darcy Y.  


This review is for facial by Suzi. 4 stars because this is my first visit.

i've never had a full facial before. shoot, i had no idea what extraction is. except for when at the dentist, i know they're taking out rotten teeth...but here, my ugly blackheads are gone and good riddance.

a friend referred this place to me, all i heard she said was they use Jan Marini products here...instantly i was sold. she scheduled an appointment for me 2 weeks ahead, giving me time to psyche myself for the pain. (i imagined lots of pain because my other friend came back from a facial with another place... with her whole face RED and watery eyes, which made me nervous.)

the street was a bit hard to see at first. i missed it twice. it's the small street right after passing N. Santa Cruz Ave.

Suzi worked on my face for a whole hour...pampering my skin's every needs, never leaving my side except to wash her hands, which she did very often. her hands were strong yet gentle and soft with just the right pressure. +1 star.

the bed was heated and adjustable for comfort. i was warm and toasty. +1/2 star.

soft soothing music that nearly lulled me to sleep. +1/2 star.

Jan Marini products that smell soooo yummi.  especially that last cream she put on my face, which smelled like those sweet, ripe tropical mangos, i nearly wanted to taste it. +1 star.

coupon or  referral deals where if i refer someone there for a full facial, i get discount for my next facial, which is great. +1 star.

overall experience, i left the place with no face & upper torso smelling delicious...and 1 lb. lighter..(although i think i have a few stray blackheads left on my face)...and uber relaxed. i even got complimentary water and sample products to use.

so, guys & girls...please do me a favor when you read this and call in to Suzi for an appointment...which i highly recommend..tell her you read it on Yelp by Cindi N. thanks!!!

~Cindi N. User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


I recommend going here for skin care and for speed waxing! Ask for Suzi Miller, she is the best in the whole San Jose area, i have been trying to find someone and have found the one!! She gives you an experience you will keep coming back for. Thank you Suzi :)

~by M M


Suzi has been waxing my legs for about 3 years.  She does the best, most consistent, rapid, efficient, detail oriented and professional leg, and brazilian wax I have ever had - and I've been waxing for 20 years. I give her my highest recommendation.

~D L.


Absolutely wonderful! I found out about it on here and decided to check it out for my first ever brazilian wax. Suzi is such a professional . It's very nice.

~Tricia E.


I have been coming to see Suzi for my facials for years. She used to be at Shangri-La and Obsession Salon in Los Gatos. After years of wanting to be her own boss, she finally ventures out and had her own place.

I was very impress to see her new place and full of details. She did a really good job designing the place. It was very clean and serene. Once you walk in, you are in perpetual bliss. Suzi is good at what she does and that is making her client's skin glow. She may not be a dermatologist but is very knowledgeable about skin. She is responsible for bringing my skin back to life. My skin is oily and acne prone but she has helped me keeping it under control. She is professional, thorough and is very detail with her work. There is no other facialist like her because she takes her time with each client and educates them on how to maintain and improving for better skin. She cares about her clients and will not try to sell you products that you don't need. I love it when she does my extractions because she uses the old fashion technique and it doesn't hurt. Most places will leave your face red afterward, but with Suzi, its smooth and no redness. I always leave her place with brighter and better looking skin every time.  It's not easy finding a good facialist that's why I recommend Suzi. Trust me; you will be glad you made that appointment with her. You will see results. You will not be disappointed. It is money well spent and expect to leave with greater, better and radiant glowing skin.

~Tiffany T.


I have lived in the Bay Area for 8 years and have tried about 20 aestheticians for full leg wax. I have been having my legs waxed (or doing it myself) for nearly 20 years, so trust me when I say, Suzi is truly excellent. In fact, she is, by far, the best of anyone in the bay area.


It is clean and well appointed.  The atmosphere is relaxing, with beautiful, fragrant flowers in the room and soft music playing. Her spa-chair/bed is so comfortable, I could have fallen asleep if not for the fact that I was having my hair pulled out by the roots.

She uses high quality wax - one for the legs and a sensitive-wax for the bikini.  She uses a magnifying lens and very bright light to be sure she catches all the stray-hairs.  She is professional, very fast and, most importantly: detail oriented.

This is the first time, in all these years, that I didn't get home and find patches of hair that were missed - Suzi is absolutely awesome and gets my highest recommendation.

~D. L.


This review is for Suzi.  I went to Suzi a week ago for a European facial and had a positive experience.  My friend recommended her and I was glad I tried it.  Suzi was able to point my what kind of problems my skin had and she was very thorough with everything.  Also she definately knew what she was doing and would explain what she was doing and what kind of products she used.  Will be back again for my next facial.

~Sonya H.