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Finding the right person to take care of your waxing needs can be a challenge.

Waxing has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being an esthetician. The instant gratification of seeing the hair gone is very satisfying. No one likes unwanted hair that keeps growing in all the wrong places. Getting rid of that hair leaves my clients very happy, and providing them with that feeling makes me happy in turn. Most people discover that it is a real challenge finding a good waxing specialist, and once found, they stay with that specialist.

My clients appreciate the waxing skills and techniques I have developed over the years, and many travel to me from far away just for waxing services. I have become very efficient and quick, with the least amount of pain.  Due to the extra effort, sensitive nature, and fine touch needed, most estheticians will not even perform Brazilian waxing. In contrast, I have had much practice over the years doing what other estheticians will not or cannot do, which has contributed greatly to my development as an efficient Brazilian and full body quick waxing specialist.

  • Are you ending up with hair growth that returns within just a couple days because the hair was not pulled out correctly?
  • Are you left with bruises after waxing?
  • Are you spending more than a long, tortuous hour for waxing that should only take 15 min?
  • Are you considering Brazilian waxing (removing all the hair in a woman’s private area)? It can be a scary or uneasy experience, and very few estheticians have the experience and knowledge to perform this type of waxing correctly.

With the proper knowledge, practice, and professional waxing techniques, you can have a waxing experience that helps you enjoy the benefits of waxing without the fear of the next visit.

A couple of tips to make waxing easier:

  • Go to an experienced professional with a lot of waxing expertise.
  • Avoid caffeine the day of your waxing appointment.
  • Avoid waxing around the time of the month when your skin is more sensitive.
  • Take an asprin/motrin an hour before your appointment.
  • Get on a regular waxing schedule to minimize the pain.
  • Use “hard” wax when the hair is too long.

May you enjoy smooth skin and have all your waxing be quick & pain-free.